Senior's Home & Yard Care

Senior’s Home & Yard Care LTD. has been serving the Calgary area since 2000. As Senior’s has expanded their services beyond yard care, now offering exterior and interior home renovations, it was important that they revitalize their brand to reflect their holistic residential service. The new Senior’s branding pays homage to the company’s history of yard care through the abstract leaf logo. The leaf points up and forward, embodying Senior’s own growth and expansion. The logo is coloured in the dark, “Senior’s Green”, that the company has used since it’s inception.

While it is important that Senior’s brand refresh stay true to the original, the company was also looking to appear more youthful than their original subdued brand colour. With this in mind, a floral pattern was illustrated for placement on stationary, business cards, and the web. This pattern expands the Senior’s colour palette, allowing for additional, brighter greens.

Senior’s continued expansion is demonstrated further through their website, which features a bold, animated house front with the Senior’s logo in the sky.

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